By Amanda Ota 5/27/16

WASHINGTON (SINCLAIR BROADCAST GROUP) — Elizabeth Warren continued her verbal campaign against presumed GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump Wednesday, posting a string of tweets criticizing the businessman turned candidate.

The Twitter assault comes on the heels of a speech in which Warren, as she described “called out,” Trump “in not-so-subtle terms.”

The remarks, delivered at an event held by the Center for Popular Democracy included many slights directed at Trump including a line in which Warren referred to him as “a small, insecure moneygrubber,” a line that experts noted was bound to bite.

“When [Warren] calls Trump a small, insecure moneygrubber, that hurts,” said John Carroll, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication at Boston University.

“Every word there is calculated,” Carroll observed.

“The ‘small,’ you can add your own associations to that, the ‘insecure’ is something that hits at the heart of Trump’s unorthodox approach to politics and the ‘moneygrubber’ is all about him not caring about other people, not caring about America , caring only about personal profits.”

Warren, Carroll said is “going and hitting Trump where it really hurts.”

“That’s on his business practices and his fitness to be president.”

Thus far, Warren’s attacks seem to be working.

“Tremendously effective,” is how Andrew Feldman, Principal of Feldman Strategies LLC, described Warrens attacks on Trump so far.

“I think Elizabeth Warren has been very effective,” Carroll said. Warren, Carroll suggested has been effective in two ways.

“Number one the new media and number two the sort of democratic base that looks to her for a progressive voice and for a sort of combative approach both toward the establishment and towards the Republican party,” Carroll explained.

“Obviously,” Feldman said Warren’s attacks help the Democratic Party.

“This is going to need to be the conversation we engage with in the next six months,” Feldman said, stressing the need to “expose Donald Trump for who he really is.”

“She did that very articulately last night in a way people can understand and connect with.”

Warren used a touching story of a father of two daughters in Nevada to personify the impact of the housing crisis.

In her speech, Warren described Trump’s desire to capitalize on the crisis, questioning “what kind of a man,” drools “over the idea of a housing meltdown.”

“What kind of a man does that? Root for people to get thrown out on the street? Root for people to lose their jobs? Root for people to lose their pensions? Root for two little girls in Clark County, Nevada, to end up living in a van?” Warren asked.

While Trump talks about economic down turn “in cold-blooded terms,” Carroll said Hillary Clinton “and especially Warren talk about it in human terms.”

“So Trump says ‘I just do what business people do,’ and Clinton and Warren say ‘exactly, and here’s what happens because of that.'”

“One of the really interesting questions is a lot of Trump’s supporters are people who’ve been disadvantaged by businessmen who act exactly the way Donald Trump acts and says he should act,” Carroll noted.

“So why those Trump supporters aren’t making the connection between their current economic condition and Donald Trump’s business practices is really puzzling,” Carroll said “because a lot of his supporters are people very much like the ones that Clinton and Warren are referencing when they talk about the damage that’s been done to the average American.”

The Associated Press noted that Warren is the only one of the Senate’s 14 female Democrats who has not endorsed Clinton, yet her speech hit on some of the same themes that Clinton has developed in recent days.

It’s an observation made by many as Warren continues to hit Trump on the housing crisis.

“Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton has a new partner in her battle against Donald Trump: Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who gave a speech Tuesday mirroring Clinton’s own talking points accusing Trump of profiting from the housing crash of 2008,” The Washington Post reported.

The Post labeled Warren as Clinton’s “new weapon against Trump,” as she continues to attack him and pulls him into the fight.

“He’s paying attention to her,” said Daniel Cence, senior vice president at Solomon McCown.

“Anytime he’s paying attention to her and not Clinton is a bonus for the Democrats,” Cence said, describing how Warren is “providing a target for him to draw fire.”

As long as Trump is fighting with Warren, Cence noted, he doesn’t have the chance to take shots at Clinton.

“In a way she’s doing some of Clinton’s dirty work, in terms of going after Trump and focusing on particular vulnerabilities that he has,” Carroll explained.

“I don’t know if she’s angling for a vice presidential slot,” Carroll said “but it’s interesting that [Warren’s] message is very much in sync with Hillary Clinton’s right now.”

The Associated Press noted that Warren’s name is frequently mentioned by Democrats as a potential running mate.

“Warren’s increasingly aggressive attacks on Trump and interest from some in the Clinton campaign in exploring the idea of a two-woman ticket has heightened speculation that she is a serious contender for the job,” according to The Associated Press.

“This absolutely looks like an audition for Vice President slash attack dog,” Carroll observed, adding that there are real positive potentials that Warren could bring to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

One of said positives is the support of many of the voters who have favored Bernie Sanders over Clinton.

“She’d be able to really unite the party and bring a lot of comfort to those supporting Bernie Sanders right now,” Feldman said describing how it’s understandable that people have been talking about Warren being on the ticket.

At the end of the day, Feldman said “there’s a lot of people being considered,” suggesting we not read too much into Warren’s attacks.

“This is the bread and butter of Warren’s issues,” Feldman said noting that she would be speaking out like this regardless “as she has throughout the years.”

Warren has shown throughout her career that she’s not afraid to step up to a bully or speak her mind, Cence noted.

“If she’s attacked or hit she hits back with equal and opposite force,” Cence described noting how fighting this fight is true to Warren’s characters.

Warren demonstrated this willingness to fight when some of the people on Wall Street didn’t like what she was saying in her early career, Cence noted.

“You can pull up Youtube clips,” Feldman said that demonstrate Warren’s long-standing battle against Wall Street.

“This is her mission in life, it’s not Donald Trump’s,” Feldman said.

“It makes sense Elizabeth warren is doing this because Elizabeth Warren has been on a crusade for decades,” Feldman said, describing how “Elizabeth Warren’s baby,” has been fighting for working people and fighting to stop abuse in Wall Street.

“This populist message is something Donald Trump has been able to tap into on the Republican side,” Feldman said, noting that Warren “wants to make it very clear that this message is her baby and Trump is a fraud for this message.”

“She’s going to carry this torch,” Feldman said.