Channel 8's News Talk Pt 1 


“Andrew Feldman was essential to the campaign from day one. His commitment and passion were unmatched. Andrew’s strong insights and ability to expand my network proved instrumental in defeating a twenty-year incumbent. I look forward to working with Andrew in the near future.” 


- Congressman John Delaney (D-MD)


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Nobody wins alone.
We connect the dots.
We help you win.


Feldman Strategies helps you build the strategy and critical relationships you need to win.  

Who We Are

Feldman Strategies knows how to win. Whether you’re running for local office, federal office or advocating for an issue, it’s crucial that your campaign has the right connections, and is communicating the right message. 

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What We Do

You can’t run for office if you don’t have the connections to help you get there. Relationships must be built and maintained in order to unify and mobilize the community in support of your campaign.

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